It happens.  Even when you don’t want it to.  Even though you know you shouldn’t.  You’re scrolling through your social media feed, looking for pictures of friends, their kids, cat videos, and artery clogging recipes, when you happen across a news article that seems interesting.  But you’re busy (or you’re cheap like me and don’t subscribe to that particular news site).  So, you do the one thing you’re not supposed to do.  The one thing you’re never supposed to do.  You read the comments.  And you end up in the deep end.

And you find yourself reminded of how little faith you had left in humanity for rational discourse about important topics.

This site is for you.  This site is here remind you that most humans, even those you disagree with, are not evil incarnate.  This site is here to tackle some of the worst examples that public discourse online has to offer, and to explore their awfulness in detail.

My promises to you: (1) No sacred cows.  I’m human, I have my own views.  But here, I will endeavor to put those aside as best as I am able; (2) I’ll cite sources when necessary; (3) A site where the sort of toxic commentary I’m discussing will not be permitted or tolerated.